You Never Know What Will Come In Handy

I love learning new skills, even when I didn't have a particular goal in mind at the time. You just never know when they will come in handy! For example I recently was asked to make a fabulous custom hat and goggles for a producer, we jokingly called it the Ferrari of novelty hats, and was able to make use of my shoemaking skills and laser cutting/vector knowledge.


Here you can see some leather stretching over a custom eye-shaped last, an application I never could have anticipated as I was making my first shoes.


Here is another photo of the work-in-progress, now with laser cut lenses, which also had laser made holes for the rivets. Ultimately I hope to have some press photos to share, but happy to share a little bit of the development!

Website Launch!

I am looking forward to sharing a little more about my professional journey, and this website is a great first step! To tide you over until there is more news, here is a photo I got at the Space History Auction of Astronaut Scott Carpenter with his daughter.